Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Families' testimonials

Everybody is raving about our classes! Do you want to know what they say about us?

"Not just a language class, but also a music & sensory class all rolled into one"

Caroline, mother of Elijah

"Warm, engaging, exuberant teacher and musicians made this class my little girl's favourite for the two years that we've been attending. I asked her to count to 10 the other day, she did - in Spanish!"

Angela, mother of Isabella

"We couldn't be more happy with our son's involvement in Bilingual Beats. We enjoy playing his Spanish songs at home so we could all learn together. It's a great and fun learning environment!"

Jacqueline, mother of Harrison

"The teacher puts such efforts and passion into making sure the class is not just fun but very educational and also that my daughter actively participates. The CD and images nicely reinforces the learning in class and my daughter loves singing and dancing to the "hola!" song at home. Thank you for such a great class!"

Jacqueline, mother of Mia

"Our twins often would say words in Spanish that they hadn’t learned from me! I would highly recommend this class to any parent that wants to introduce their little ones to a new language or reinforce their learning of their parents’ tongue"

Carolina, mother of Francis and Roberta

"Each class is filled with laughter, fun, music and learning - a perfect combination. It's been one of my daughter’s favourite activities for the past two years "

Iona, mother of Chloe

"I was puzzled when my daughter understood what our concierge (who is Spanish) said to her in Spanish - I didn't get a single word. Although she answered in English, she clearly understood what he said - the Spanish classes she's been attending are the only moment she hears that language, so it clearly works!"

Koko, mother of Emma

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