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Our "Bilingual Beats Pink Collection" is our second French song collection. It is formed by a songbook and a digital download featuring another 19 original songs and 6 Spanish traditional songs. The songbook includes a French guide for parents, a music guide, and for each song it includes the score, main vocabulary, music features, and activities that parents can develop with their children. There is also the translation of the lyrics into English at the end of the book.

The songs in this collection include:

1. BIENVENUE (Welcome song)

2. DANS LA FÔRET LONTAINE (In the distant forest)

3. DANS MA FERME (At my farm)

4. FAIS DODO L’ENFANT (Sleep baby)

5. J’AIME BEAUCOUP VOYAGER (I love travelling a lot)

6. LA CHANSON DES VOYELLES (The vowels’ song)

7. LA FOURMI M’A PIQUEÉ LA MAIN (The ant bit my hand)

8. LA LUNE EST TON OREILLER (The moon is your pillow)

9. LA NUIT EST DÉJÀ LÀ (The night has come)

10. LE CHEVALIER ET LA PINCESSE (The knight and the princess)

11. LE MAGE CHOUS (Chous, the magician)

12. LES JOURS DE LA SEMAINE (The days of the week)

13. LES PETITES MARIONETTES (The little puppets)

14. LES PETITS POISSONS (The little fish)

15. MANGER ET BOIRE (Eat and drink)

16. MEUNIER TU DORS (Meunier, you sleep)

17. MIRABELLE (Mirabelle)

18. MON PETIT CHAT EN MON PETIT CHIEN (My kitty cat and my puppy)

19. PIERROT NE SE TAIT PAS (Pierrot doesn’t stop talking)

20. PIROUETTE, CACAHUÈTE (Pirouette, peanut)

21. PROMENADE DANS LA JUNGLE (Walking through the jungle)

22. QUAND JE PARS EN EXCURSION (When I go on a trip)

23. SI JE COMPTE LES CHOSES CHEZ MOI (I count things at my house)

24. TUTTI FRUTTI (Tutti frutti)

25. AU REVOIR LES COPAINS! (Goodbye, my friends!)

We would like to give children the opportunity to listen to different music styles, tonalities and modal systems, so that their preferences can be broaden. Hence this song collection includes music styles such as rock n' roll, reggae, pop, rumba, medieval modes, etc.

French - Pink Collection (Book + Digital Download)

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