Fun Spanish classes for little ones

We've been nominated!

We're so proud to say we've been nominated for an award as "Best for learning activity" in Hoop, will you help us get it?

This year Hoop App is running the Hoop Awards for the first time. Hoop makes it easy to find and book fun things going on for children aged 0-11 years old. Open the app and instantly discover everything happening nearby. Everything comes with recommended ages, so you’ll only see things that are suitable for your family.

Their aim is to "celebrate the people and organisers that go above and beyond to entertain, educate and inspire children nationwide".

We are delighted to announce that our Spanish music classes for children have been shortlisted in the Best Learning category!

We are so grateful to our magnificent team of professionals who make our Spanish classes as fun and exciting as it is.

We need all the support we can get from you and would appreciate if you could take a few seconds of your time to vote for us here. You just need to:

-click on the first "vote now" button

-type in your e-mail adress

-search for us on page three, under the section “Best for Learning”

-select the Bilingual Beats button

-go to page 5 and click on SEND

Thank you for your help!

Do you want to try a free class?

Other news...

Why are our classes so active?

Forget about children sitting still and repeating words in a foreign language...our Spanish classes are so dynamic that help kids stay active and healthy!

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