Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Spanish is the No. 1 language to learn!

Find out why Spanish is the most convenient language for children to learn!

One of the many assets of speaking Spanish is the possibility of connecting with a broad spectrum of countries and cultures. After all, is the second most spoken language in the world!

During the past decade the demand for Spanish classes has almost doubled as people are becoming more aware of the fact that l earning Spanish will give them practical knowledge—in both their daily and professional lives. No wonder parents want their children to learn Spanish in the first place!

This fact, combined with the broad evidence supporting the benefits of learning a foreign language from a very young age, has made our Spanish classes for little ones very popular! Amongst others, some of the key benefits of speaking Spanish are: boosting cognitive, social and linguistic skills, as well as earning a good structure to learn other Latin based languages, such as French and Italian. It is also proven to help better understand English due to their shared Latin roots and expand future employment options because it provides you with an early academic advantage as it is the most common second language learnt at schools . Plus, Spain and most Latin American counties are very popular touristic destinations, so it’s always a good idea to give children the opportunity to make friends in those holiday destinations by speaking their language.

To gather more insight into the benefits of learning Spanish click, check this article from the British Council, or the Cervantes Institute website.

At Bilingual Beats our aim is to facilitate an early learning experience for children by combining a carefully balanced mix of linguistic content, such as theme words, phonemes, common sentences and basic structures, through musical activities. That’s how we manage to get the little ones speaking music and singing languages with us!!

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We're so proud to say we've been nominated for an award as "Best for learning activity" in Hoop, will you help us get it?

Why are our classes so active?

Forget about children sitting still and repeating words in a foreign language...our Spanish classes are so dynamic that help kids stay active and healthy!

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