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The cognitive benefits of being bilingual

We are always keeping up to speed with research that proves what we strongly believe in and already know: learning a second language boasts your cognitive abilities!

In today’s day and age there is a vast majority of the population that due to our cosmopolitan way of living, speaks two or more languages. According to an article by Viorica Marian and PhD Anthony Shook posted on “Cerebrum” ( please click here to read more) research has shown that the bilingual brain can have better attention and task-switching capacities than the monolingual brain thanks to its developed ability to inhibit one language while using another.

That’s why at Bilingual Beats we believe that as adults we have an important role in supporting children in developing their hidden innate skills. We provide a stimulating environment for learning to move, talk, think, and socialise, while the little ones learn by experiencing, watching and listening, from a very early age – that’s why we offer Spanish classes for babies – in fact t’s the perfect age to start learning a foreign language! Doing this through music facilitates this learning of language as children practice pronouncing words and putting sentences together. Learning the lyrics to a song is an effective way to retain information, apart from being so much fun!

Since exercising our brains from an early childhood helps us fight against cognitive decline, our Spanish classes for children have cognitive and neurological benefits. Reading this article it becomes very clear that there are nothing but benefits in helping children become bilingual. Better memory, visual-spatial skills, and even creativity just to name a few!

All parents try to give their most loved ones the best start in life and we are here to help by speaking music and singing languages!

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We've been nominated!

We're so proud to say we've been nominated for an award as "Best for learning activity" in Hoop, will you help us get it?

Why are our classes so active?

Forget about children sitting still and repeating words in a foreign language...our Spanish classes are so dynamic that help kids stay active and healthy!

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