Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Spanish classes during the summer? SÍ POR FAVOR!!

Spending most of the summer in London? Don't worry, we've got it covered!

Where most people would agree that spending the whole summer in a city is not very appealing, I believe London is one of those places that can be quite the opposite. Nice weather, great temperatures (not boiling as in most parts of Spain), long evenings and plenty of outdoors activities (plenty of tourists too, I know). However, as exciting as it sounds to spend the summer in the paddling pool of your local park, children get bored, and parents/carers get desperate figuring out what to do. That's why this year we've decided to run our Spanish music classes throughout the whole summer, to offer a really fun (yet educational) activity for babies, toddlers and under 5s. Our drop-in classes allow parents to just turn up and pay-as-you-go, very convenient not to have to commit to a certain number of sessions. This way even visitors can join in the fun!

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