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We just got SILVER by the CAA!!

We knew we were doing things right...but getting an accreditation makes us feel proud of it!

Last year we joined the Children's Activity Association (CAA), the first independent professional organisation of children's activity providers and experts. Their aim is to somehow validate and ensure that activity providers meet certain standards of safety and quality, to give parents peace of mind. In order to be a member the activity prviders have to commit to pass different modules in a variety of fields in a certain period of time, thus proving that they're fit for the purpose. We got to work immediately, and three months after joining we got the Bronze accreditation. It entailed submitting several documents such as internal policies, insurance, etc. and get them reviewed. Then we started working towards the Silver accreditation.

We recently had Dr. Amanda Gummer from Fundamentally Children and Sue from the CAA Accreditation team visiting one of our family sessions and checking for several things. They had into account a wide variety of issues, such as the suitability of the venue, the children's engagement in the activities, the flow and atmosphere of the class, the professionalism of our staff, and other things. At the end of the session we had a chat and they said they were quite impressed with what they saw: " We usually give some ideas to the programme leaders we visit on how to improve the class delivery, but in this case we have nothing to say - everything was just perfect. We really liked it!" Dr Amanda Gummer said. Having this kind of feedback from an expert in child development such as her is very flattering, and highly motivates us to keep on with the hard work. They also praised us for the excellent pace of the session, the children's engagement, the adults' participation encouraged by our teachers, the well maintained materials used, and our "no-phones during the session" policy.

The CAA has also checked other things such as the quality of our programme, the way we train our staff, and the customer service we provide. They decided we had enough modules passed to get the Silver Accreditation right after the site visit, and we're working hard to improve what we need to do in order to be Gold accredited very soon.

We think the CAA is doing a really great job in setting up some quality standards among the children's activity providers, so that parents can have peace of mind that their kids are safe and in good hands when attending to these activities. It seems unbelievable (yet it's the truth) that anybody, despite if they are fit for the job or not, can set up an activity for kids. There is currently no regulation in this field, and it was about time that an organisation was created to ensure the quality of the children's activities.

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Other news...

We've been nominated!

We're so proud to say we've been nominated for an award as "Best for learning activity" in Hoop, will you help us get it?

Why are our classes so active?

Forget about children sitting still and repeating words in a foreign language...our Spanish classes are so dynamic that help kids stay active and healthy!

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