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Here you have the most common questions we’ve been asked, but if you have any other enquiry do not hesitate to contact us!



Bilingual Beats is actually both at the same time! We compile the best features and benefits of both types of programmes, integrating music and foreign language into a new style of learning in which each area enhances the development of the other. In Bilingual Beats, 1+1 is not just 2.
Each class is a thirty minute session of fun singing, dancing and joyful playing. The teacher, children and adults start sitting in a circle, singing the “Hello” song and welcoming everybody to class. Then the teacher elevates the class’ atmosphere with a sequence of songs, dances and movements carefully planned to stimulate children. We also use percussion instruments for some songs. When the class is coming to an end, we wind down with a lullaby, and we bid farewell with our goodbye song.
The curriculum consists of a mixture of songs, specifically composed for the programme, following diverse music styles, and traditional children’s songs from all over the foreign language-speaking world. Don’t expect to listen to music that is on the charts in our classes, though, our songs will soon become the greatest hits played in you car!
Absolutely yes! In our family classes, you will find babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers all together, each child participating and learning in his/her own way. Our teachers are trained to prepare activities that suit every child in the class. So, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring your different-aged children together to the same programme!
Research has demonstrated that the exposure to and learning of a foreign language early in life will not hinder the development of mother-tongue language skills, but quite the opposite! Not only your child will be able to speak the foreign language with no accent, but also he/she will develop better language skills in his/her first language!
Bilingual Beats develops general music skills (rhythmic and tonal). The instruments we use are small percussion instruments suitable to help us meet these goals. Therefore, we do not focus on instrument technique or music theory.
When a child sees his mother/father/carer actively participating in the class, he naturally wants to imitate him/her. Therefore adults’ participation is a crucial element of their children’s experience. The more the adult participates, the more comfortable the child will be doing so. For that reason, stay away from feeling embarrassed and enjoy this magical moment with your child! After all, you only live once.
Absolutely! Children learn through repetition, and the greater the exposure to the foreign language, the higher development of language skills will occur. In addition, children love showing their parents what they have learnt, and sharing plays and songs with them. They will keep saying "At the nursery we dance this song like this!"
Of course! You will learn at the same time as your child does, creating a unique connection through this shared learning experience. We have translation classes where the teacher uses both the foreign language and music during the session. You can also take advantage of meeting other families that are also interested in music and foreign language stimulation, so you may be able to even set foreign language play-dates!
Usually, nurseries and preschools only offer our programme to children enrolled in their centres; however, if your child attends a nursery or preschool that does not offer our programme, you can suggest the nursery manager to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide them with information about Bilingual Beats Nursery and Preschool Programme.

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