Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Why we are different

You can find a lot of Spanish classes in London, so why should you choose Bilingual Beats?

  • Bilingual Beats is the first and only programme that deliberately aims to develop foreign language and music skills.
    There are a significant number of early childhood language programs that use songs as part of their methodology. In our Spanish classes, we not only sing Spanish songs, but also make the most of them to support children’s musical development. Our curriculum combines music and language learning goals, and has music and language contents.
  • Bilingual Beats teachers are native musicians of the language they teach.
    This is not a franchise in which anyone can lead the classes, regardless of their academic background. We believe it is necessary to know about music to teach it, and to have had some sort of music and teaching training to lead quality classes. Our teachers are carefully selected and are required to pass an extensive training in our methodology and philosophy before teaching our programme.
  • In Bilingual Beats, classes are carried out with live music.
    We want to give children a real musical experience by singing, dancing and listening to live music. Thus, a pianist or guitarist will come along with the Bilingual Beats teacher to accompany each class. Both teacher and accompanist prepare the session in advance, not leaving a single detail to chance. By having someone else play an instrument, the teachers can focus on developing activities and observing the children’s progress. Hence our Spanish classes with live music are the best!
  • In Bilingual Beats classes, the number of children is limited.
    We don’t compromise the quality of the programme to increase company profit. Our teachers must observe each child during sessions, in order to assess their musical and language development, and plan how to further support and aid said development. Fifteen children is the maximum you will find in a Bilingual Beats class.

In Bilingual Beats, classes are carried out with live music

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