Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Music lessons in London in Spanish

Want your little one to play a musical instrument? They can do it in Spanish!

At Bilingual Beats we provide the foundations of a basic music development in children with our combined bilingual music programme. Our Spanish classes for kids have a very strong music approach, letting children develop their innate music skills. Our Spanish teachers are also musicians, who have been trained to facilitate the development of said music skills at the same time as children learn a foreign language.

Families who want their children to take a step forward and begin to take piano lessons can do it now with Spanish speaking teachers so that the language learning continues beyond our classes! We've partnered with WKMT (WEST KENSINGTON MUSIC TEAM) the largest Piano Studio in London providing Music Lesson in the city. The Studio is directed by Juan José Rezzuto, an Argentinian piano teacher and composer who has a unique understanding of the pupil's music development, which involves a holistic progress in all areas of music.

The staff working with Juan José includes a large number of Spanish speaking music tutors who will ensure your child continues learning music in Spanish. They are offering a massive discount exclusive for Bilingual Beats customers: 50% OFF THE TRIAL LESSON. Click here for more details.

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