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Our family classes are very engaging from the very first moment! We start singing our greatest hit "Hola" to welcome everybody in the class, and then the teacher delivers a series of activities involving singing, dancing, playing small percussion instruments, and much more. Everybody is encouraged to participate, even adults!

In our family classes you can expect to see children of different ages interacting and learning together. Instead of running Spanish classes for babies, for toddlers and for preschool children separately, we gather children of different ages in our mixed-age groups, thus creating a unique learning atmosphere where every child progresses at his/her own pace. Our teachers are trained to tailor the activities so that they can be meaningful for any age, offering alternatives to cater for everyone.

Classes are mainly delivered in Spanish, since we want to bring a full immersion experience to children. However, teachers sometimes translate a few words or sentences to make sure everybody is understanding the sense of the activity.

Key facts of our family classes:

  • Our classes are 40 minutes of purely fun (yet educational) activities
  • We always use LIVE MUSIC in our sessions
  • Our teachers are NATIVE speakers of the language they teach.
  • You’ll find MIXED-AGE CHILDREN (from babies as little as 4 months to children up to 5 years old), perfect for families with children of different ages!
  • Families enrolling receive a Cd with our songs and a songbook with tips to practice at home!

We offer Bilingual Beats Family Classes at different locations around several London Boroughs.

Bilingual Beats offer Family Classes at different locations around several London Boroughs

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