Fun Spanish classes for little ones

The founders

It all began as a dream...and the dream came true!

Behind Bilingual Beats it's us, Claudia and Almudena, friends from school that took different paths and ended up joining forces to brought to live our dreams.


I always have had an inquiring mind. Being a passionate of children, music and languages, I couldn't become other thing than a bilingual music teacher (what else!). However I always dreamed about teaching Spanish to children from other countries, but I had no clue about where to start, and then Claudia just reappeared in my life as the only piece missing from the puzzle.


On my side, maternity changed the way I approached life. I used to work at the Marketing department of a Media Agency, but ever since I moved to London and became a full time mum, I began considering starting up a business which somehow involved children. However, I none of the ideas went ahead and now I realise that it was mainly because Almu was not involved! She's just the perfect half I was missing.

A lot of things have changed since we started up Bilingual Beats in 2013. We've grown our respective families, and our children have had a key role in the evolution of the programme - they've been our guinea pigs (they even dreamed with our songs! poor them...) but thanks to them we now know the things that work and the things we need to improve.

Behind Bilingual Beats it's us, Claudia and Almudena

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