Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Our methodology

Each class consists of live music, interactive activities and plenty of fun!

Fun, fun fun....this is what best describes our methodology! Teaching Spanish to kids successfully involves making it enjoyable for the children, so that they can't get enough of it. Our native teachers and musicians are trained to develop fun and creative activities with live music, making it a unique learning experience.

At Bilingual Beats, children learn to move rhythmically, to sing, and to develop listening and improvisational skills, acquiring at the same time new vocabulary and grammatical structures of a second language. But most importantly, they do so in a very enjoyable way!

Bilingual Beats song collections include original songs, specifically composed to reach language and music objectives, as well as traditional songs from the countries where the language is spoken.

Teaching Spanish and French for kids successfully

Our curriculum combines a carefully balanced mix of linguistic content, such as theme words, phonemes, common sentences and basic structures; and musical content, such as songs, tonal and rhythm patterns, rhythmic rhymes, and instrumental play-alongs, in a wide variety of tonalities, meters, and music styles.

It is based on research done in the fields of music education, language acquisition, CLIL (content and language integrated learning), early childhood education, and child development. Our classes support the child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical development, in line with the EYFS framework.

Music education and language acquisition

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