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Foreign language acquisition

Children are not passive spectators, but active analysts!!

Ask yourself how a baby learns his/her mother tongue – it is a matter of being exposed to it daily. Children process the things their parents say for future speech development. When they start speaking, they "feel" rather than follow language rules.

Research has shown that in the first years of life, children can “learn” (or acquire) different languages with very little effort. In fact, with the right amount of exposure to the foreign language, they can acquire a second language almost in a mother-tongue-way, faster than an adult by far.

The ability to distinguish the different sounds of a foreign language is at its best during a child’s first years of life because, at this time, the child’s understanding is not yet influenced by the sounds of his or her mother-tongue, nor by reading and writing. Children repeat sounds and words in the foreign language imitating the stimulus they hear. However, as we grow up, we unconsciously select the sounds related to our mother tongue.

Children repeat sounds and words in the foreign language imitating the stimulus they hear

Benefits of foreign language acquisition

  • Children who know a second language develop better language skills in their mother-tongue.
  • The knowledge of a second language turns into an increase of self-confidence, enthusiasm, curiosity for other languages, etc.
  • Acquiring a foreign language at an early age results in improved cognitive skills such as critical thinking or problem solving.
  • Knowing a foreign language facilitates travelling abroad and communicating with people from other cultures

Below you can find some articles related to foreign language acquisition in children:

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