Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Content and Language Integrated Learning

Combining the learning of a foreign language with another discipline makes the learning much more fun!

What is CLIL?

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is a European dual-focused educational approach that combines the learning of a foreign language with another discipline. In our case, we’ve combined it with what children love most: MUSIC!

Here are same key facts about CLIL:

  • CLIL makes kids smarter – the effort they have to put on learning something in a different language has a really positive impact on the development of their cognitive skills.
  • CLIL allows children to progress in the foreign language and in the other discipline faster than learning them separately.
  • CLIL fosters the development of language learning strategies that enable children to understand the meaning of what they hear.
  • CLIL creates contexts for communication that encourage children to use language to express thoughts, ideas and feelings

Below you can find great articles about CLIL:

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