Fun Spanish classes for little ones

Benefits of our bilingual music programme

Not sure if this Spanish class is right for your kids? Check out why you should choose Bilingual Beats!

  • By mixing foreign language (Spanish so far) and music, your child will have a super-advanced cognitive development!!! But don’t be scared, their little brains will not catch on fire.
  • Our bilingual music programme provides children with social and emotional advantages. The joyful atmosphere that music-making bring will accompany children (and adults) throughout the entire class, creating bonds with others who share this experience, and setting the roots for communication.
  • We sing our own original songs. Yes, we also sing traditional songs from Spain and other Latin American countries, but we've composed different song collections to deal with topics hardly found in traditional songs, and to give them new songs to be excited about every year!
  • The programme is based on thorough research. We are education experts and everything we do has a specific purpose, even the teachers’ silly-plays! Our teachers have passed an extensive training to acquire a full understanding of children's development, and they plan their activities according to the children's possibilities.
  • In Bilingual Beats we are planting the seeds to raise your children more open-mindedly. Yes, children will develop music and foreign language skills, but after all, they will be learning about tolerance, respect for others, and the great importance of communication in our global world. Sounds about right and absolutely necessary these days, doesn't it?

Our bilingual music programme provides children with social and emotional advantages

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