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Bilingual Beats Green Collection - French

Bilingual Beats Green Collection - French

French Songbook + CD with 25 songs

The "Bilingual Beats Green Collection" is our first French song collection. It is formed by a songbook and a Cd. The songbook includes a French guide for parents, a music guide, and for each song it includes the score, main vocabulary, music features, and activities that parents can develop with their children. There is also the translation of the lyrics into English at the end of the book. The Cd includes 25 songs in French: our first 20 original songs and 5 French traditional songs. The singers (Clèment Guerrucci and Sarah Gil) are native French singers.

The songs in this collection include:

  1. Bienvenue (so-called "Bonjour" by all children and parents)
  2. Che-cheminée
  3. De un à dix
  4. En plein air
  5. Fais dodo
  6. J'ai très sommeil
  7. Jusqu'au réveil
  8. L'arc-en-ciel
  9. La chanson des voyelles
  10. Le chant des saisons
  11. Le grand cerf
  12. Le pirate "jambe de bois"
  13. Maman canard
  14. Mange des fruits
  15. Mon tambour
  16. Mon visage
  17. Petite berceuse
  18. Pierrot le perroquet
  19. Promenons-nous dans le bois
  20. Savez-vous planter les choux?
  21. Sur le pont d'Avignon
  22. Tape des pieds
  23. Une souris verte
  24. Vole, dragon
  25. Au revoir les copains!

We would like to give children the opportunity to listen to different music styles, tonalities and modal systems, so that their preferences can be broaden. Hence this song collection includes music styles such as rock n' roll, musette, tango, medieval modes, etc.

Bilingual Beats Green Collection - French

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